Cooks change mundane ingredients into tantalizing dishes that make your eyes dazzle and your mouth water. To do this they must understand how to combine said ingredients as to create this magic. And that is why we have recipes. But recipes are only as good as the writer and the cook who ultimately prepares them.

Cooking takes skills, but these skills can be learned if given the right tools and knowledge. These pages of my blog are for your reference, they contain much of the how 2 to cooking because whether you are a beginner or experienced cook you know having the cooking terms, facts, tools and techniques build your confidence and skills making you a better cook.

If like me you enjoy watching the cooking shows you will notice one thing they all have in common. Their method of following a recipe. If you watch carefully and take note you will see that they each follow a specific process guided by the recipe. I have broken it down for you here.

1. Read the recipe carefully and check to make sure you have all the ingredients.
2. Before you begin assemble all of the ingredients, tools, and equipment you will need for measuring, mixing, cooking, or baking – including measuring spoons, cups, bowls, pans, etc…
3. Turn on your oven and preheat if necessary.
4. Measure all your ingredients accurately and in the proper measuring cup for liquid, solid or dry ingredients.
5. Follow the procedure for combining the ingredients per the recipe.
6. Follow directions for cooking and/or baking. Use the pan size specified and adhere to the cooking times and temperature.If recipe calls for frying or candy making use a thermometer.
7.When dish is cooked follow the directions for cooling whether in the pan or on a cooling rack. If meat if the recipe states it should rest do not skip this as it allows the juices to redistribute in the meat making it juicy and a pleasure to eat.
8. If you have to make substitutions in the recipe be sure to follow the equivalents carefully.
9. If you are increasing or reducing the yield of a recipe only do it if the ingredients are easily divided. If a recipe says “do not double”, don’t it has been tried and is unsuccessful. Make two batches. If you do double a recipe make sure you take into consideration the pan size and cooking time.

Other pages to Help YOU

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