How to Have A Successful Yard SALE – Part TWO Quick Peek at TIME LINE


Part Two – Yard Sale Timeline


Now your home is clutter-free…let’s get on with the sale!

To assist you with your Planning read through this timeline:

4-8 Weeks Prior to SALE

lady-with-cart2De-clutter your home setting aside items you want to sell, either in a Yard Sale, on consignment, or on the internet. Put aside clothes, toys, books, furniture, appliances, Kitchen stuff, tools, anything you no longer want into boxes or designated area discussed in Part One.

Prepare Advertising For Your Yard Sale – check community papers (some require 30 even 60 days prior to Paper printing since many are monthly) and newspaper ad deadlines
Invite any neighbors and/or friends you would like to get involved; send emails to potential customers; call people you know and tell them about your sale.

Start saving your grocery and shopping bags for your sale.

You should also start saving newspapers for wrapping fragile items.

Contact your local government and see if you need any permits and what the signage laws are.

 More Details on how to De-Clutter in part ONE

2 Weeks Prior to SALE

Confirm print ads are placed.
Post ads on the internet
Make your arrows and signs for posting  –   be sure to include days, dates, and time of sale, and don’t forget the location (ADDRESS) of SALE.

 More Details on how to advertise including how to make signs and flyers in Part  FOUR

1 Week Prior to SALE

Complete your final yard sale inventory and place all the items for your sale in a easily accessed area. Finish any pricing and make sure all the small items like jewelry and small toys are bagged or contained in small boxes, individual containers, ziplock bags, egg cartons, etc…

If local laws allow post signs all over your neighborhood; make sure you get one on major roads and connecting roads; ensure they are sturdy and upright. (Make sure you have checked with local authorities for laws pertaining to signage.) Make flyers and put them up wherever there is a bulletin board that allows for such announcements.

Locate card tables or other tables in your house to use for the sale and put them with the items you have set aside for the sale, if you don’t have enough for your sale, ask neighbors, family or friends if you can borrow theirs. Try not to rent tables unless you absolutely have too, money spent on the sale will reduce your profit. If you plan to rent any tables, look into it at this point. Consider making some. You can visit a construction site especially where they are framing a house and ask to get some scrap wood out of their trash to make tables. You would be surprised how many good size pieces you can get this way. ***See sawhorse tables and easy racks made from scrap lumber in Part THREE.

You’re going to need change at your SALE. Start saving up your smaller bills tens, fives, ones, and your change, and keep it all in one place. You will need about $70 to $80 cash and coin to make change the day of the sale! In the weeks prior to your sale, whenever possible, pay with a twenty for small purchases so you can start getting lots of small bills and change to put aside. This is helpful especially if you have a tight budget. (Your alternative is to make a trip to the bank to get change, but just getting change from purchases is easier on your budget. You’re not having to withdraw $70 or $80 out of your banking account at one time.)  More about Day of the Sale in Part FIVE


2-3 Days Prior to SALE

Pick up your cardboard boxes for the sale so that people can use a box for their purchases, a great place to get boxes is the Wine Store or Liquor Store, grocery stores have boxes too, You have to call them in advance and request boxes because stores recycle boxes these days very quickly breaking them down and bundling them up.; gather your plastic and paper bags and put them with your tables;

If you are selling of offering coffee, drinks, food at your sale then you should purchase it now. Be sure to get napkins, cups, condiments etc and be sure to get someone even one of your kids to man the refreshment stand so you are free to interact with customers. Hot coffee in the morning sells well matched with some doughnuts or brownies. If it’s hot lemonade, bottled water, or canned drinks sell well. You should have change for the refreshment table separate from the change for the yard sale. Keep the monies separate throughout the sale so you can figure out how much you made from the drinks and food sales. Don’t forget to subtract the monies spent for supplies. This way you can decide if it was worth it so when you have your next sale you will know if you want to have refreshments.

Be courteous to your immediate neighbors (if they don’t already know and aren’t involved with your sale) and let them know that you are holding a sale and there may be a lot of cars parking around the area throughout the day(s) of the sale. This is not required but certainly a nice gesture. (If you are selling or giving out doughnuts or brownies the day of the sale, it’s also a nice gesture to invite those neighbors over for a bite and a preview of the sale. It’s a sure sign of goodwill and sometimes it could mean a couple sales).


The Day and Night Before SALE

If possible set up your tables and racks the night before. If you feel your stuff will be safe go ahead and put out as much as you feel will be ok. If you don’t feel good about putting out any merchandise then maybe you can just put out the tables and racks. After you set it up cover it with tarps or sheets to keep it safe from the dew. If you can’t set up the night before, make a final check to be sure all your stuff is in one spot and can be easily carried out in the morning. Make sure you have an apron with big pockets, tool belt, fanny pack, or box you can use to hold money and make change. (tip during your sale take the large bills out of the money holder and put on your person or take into the house and hide it. Try to keep only $70 in you money holder.

Don’t forget to set your alarm for a good two to three hours before your sale is set to open to allow for set up (how much time you allow depends on how much you have to set up)!


The Morning of SALE

If you set up everything the night before you should Get up at least an hour ahead to allow you time for removing the tarps and doing a final set up of your merchandise for your sale. If you didn’t set up the night before allow yourself plenty of time to get set up. I have had to get up as much as five hours before a sale because we lived in an apartment.

Enjoy yourself! Don’t take it all too seriously. I think the most important thing is do not be offended if someone doesn’t love something. Remember this is your stuff but you are selling it, so be neutral. The customer is not judging you or your stuff they just want to get a good deal.

If however someone is abusive you don’t have to sell to them Politely say you have changed your mind and you are not selling the item or my favorite is “ooops, it’s sold already” and tuck it under the table. I read once where a lady was having a yard sale and she was selling a box with a set of her kids books, it was a series of 34 books from the 60’s and she had priced it for $75.00 which she felt was an ok price for them and a man was literally harassing her trying to force her down telling her she was nuts that books sell for very little, usually $.25 at yard sales and he was trying to make her accept $10 which she refused to do. The story continued that another shopper saw what was going on and stepped up and paid the $75 gladly and took the books. The man was outraged and followed the buyer to her car offering her more money for the books but she ignored him because she knew the books were worth over $3000. The point of this story is twofold one make sure you know the value of your stuff and the second is don’t be bullied, you can say no after all it’s your stuff.


After SALE

Take any leftover stuff to The Donation Center of your choice. Here are three:

Salvation Army‎

Purple Heart Official –

Locator | Goodwill Industries International, Inc.

and don’t forget many Churches take donations. Just give them a call.
Count your money: )
Subtract your costs.
$$$ This is your profit.


Celebrate your Success!











Please Remember –

The night your sale ends, or at the latest the next morning…Don’t

forget to take your signs down!


Yard SALE series continues. After you have all your yard sale items pulled and ready to go, and you have your time line it is time to make decisions as to where you will hold your sale and prepare information for  the advertising for your sale.

Part Three – Where and when will you hold the Yard SALE and what will you use to display your items.

Part Four – How and where to advertise your Yard SALE.

Plus least I forget,

Part Five – The day of the Yard SALE. What to expect.


I hope you are liking this series on How to Have a Successful Yard Sale.

Until later… betti b  : )


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