Grab your noodle and meet me at the POOL.

When I first started taking Zachary to the pool I would just sit there and watch him. I was hesitant about getting into the pool. Zachary nagged me to please come into the pool. It would be a good idea working out in the water is great exercise and there is absolutely not stress to your body. Just what I need.

I bought a new bathing suit and and one of those silly noodle things you see kids playing with. It’s a long tube like thing and comes in an assortment of colors. I got pink of course. I’ve now started exercising, me and my noodle. These things are amazing, cheap especially now as many stores have them on sale, easy to carry with you, light and buoyant enough to hold you up while you exercise in the water.

Great arm conditioning pushing down on the noodle.

Great arm conditioning pushing down on the noodle.

I started out just lazing around with it, but then I started doing things like putting it behind my back and then wrapping my arms around it to float and kicking my feet. I could relax there in the cool water getting exercise kicking my feet. Stupendous.

Next I tried standing on the pool floor in the 4’ section of course so I could still breathe and I placed it in front of me with my hands in the middle and pulled it toward me. I could feel the resistance in my upper arms. So then I thought how about holding it toward the edges an forcing it down toward my knees. I found if a squatted a little I felt more resistance. And I wasn’t getting tired. I just kept doing it. 5 one way and then 5 the other. Splendid!

Exercise while sitting on a noodle, SO MUCH FUN!

Exercise while sitting on a noodle, SO MUCH FUN!

Our pool has 15 minutes adult swim on the hour so it is perfect for me 15 minute intervals of exercise as I am here at the pool watching my grandson Zachary. Now the day is for both of us. I love it.








Catch ya at the POOL! Until later…     betti  : )


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