Picking Pumpkins – Welcome FALL

It just hasn’t felt like FALL!

I don’t know about where you are but it has been hot here in Virginia. I was still making summer salads and grilling out until last night.

Finally the temperatures have dropped a little and it seems more like Fall.


My daughter Jessica and my grandson Zachary went to the Pumpkin Patch at Chesterfield Berry Farm to pick Halloween Pumpkins.

Chesterfield Berry Farm preparation for Halloween

It’s a great outing for kids.

fall-pumpkin-patch-hayride-5 fall-pumpkin-patch-hayride-6

You ride a hay ride out to the fields where the pumpkins are growing on vines. A fall tradition and a must for everyone. You ride out on real covered wagons complete with hay bales for seats! The kids love watching the tractor and driver pulling the wagon. These are the same tractors that are used on the farm. The ride out to the fields allows you to get a small taste of the country life as you drive through plowed and planted fields.


and then you pick the ones you want and  pick them from their vines. Just like a farmer would.






There’s also all kinds of fun activities for kids and adults; and inflatable, an animal petting barn, pumpkin carving and beautiful carved pumpkins to purchase, all that country fair kind of stuff.




You’ll find Pumpkins, fall flowers like mums galore, bushels of apples and of course what would fall be without gourds?


Just being on a farm, clean air, animals, nature, makes you feel healthy.

It’s a great tradition to start.

We go every year!

Find the Farm near you by searching pick your own pumpkins on Google or your favorite search

Coming every day next week starting Monday – Fall Recipes for you to enjoy…

until later… Betti


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