VW When the CELL PHONE rings

no cell phones



I can totally relate to this. I try never to use the cell phone when I am driving but one day I was concerned about my daughter who drives for UPS and my phone rang and I glanced and saw it was her so I answered it and she said she had broken her finger would I come to her. I became so distracted I hung up on her and when I went to call her back I guess I looked at the phone just a little too long and bang I was on the median kissing a sign post. NOT GOOD. Yes I had caught myself right at the end and put on the brakes and No real damage to me, my car, or the sign but it could have been another car, a person anything. Now I pull off the road and stop to take or make calls.


Our kids and ourselves aren’t taking the use of a cell phone in our cars while driving as seriously as we should. No cell phone use while driving is a pretty good idea.

VW being the innovative company they are has taken the lead in giving us an idea of just what happens when our phone rings and we are driving…  check it out and then show it…


               Volkswagon’s  eyes on the Road Campaign


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