Could Your Mattress be Making You Stiff?

The Question:  Firm or Hard



sleep clip-art-sleeping-901305I am making some discoveries as I get older and older, many I wish I hadn’t. But there are a few things I would like to share. I am sure somewhere along the line I heard or read this but I apparently didn’t pay any attention or thought it was an attempt to sell mattresses.
“ The more you weigh the harder your mattress should be.” Now between you and me my first response is that this is absurd. I would think the more you weigh the softer your mattress should be to allow all the various bumps and extended sized areas a place to settle and not get all distorted. I couldn’t imagine how being all up on a hard surface could be any good to me or my night’s sleep.

But it appears that I am wrong. Recently I had to replace my mattress of 20 some years and I was cajoled into purchasing a mattress much harder than I considered right for my weight.

The first night I slept on said mattress I felt like the Princess and the Pea. OMG I could feel everything. I imagined the springs coming up through the fabric top poking into me like hot pokers. But here is the interesting part. When I got up the next morning I was not as achy as usual and I had slept as much as 3 hours at a time without getting up to go to the bathroom. HUMMMM… The next night it was a little better but still I was thinking I needed to go to the 24 hour Walmart and buy an air mattress as I drifted off to sleep. Interesting again, I had slept 5 hours straight before my usual up and out for a bathroom run and when I did get up another 4 hours later, I wasn’t as achy. I remembered my legs hurting while I was getting to sleep and my knees hurt, and my back as I had drifted off to sleep but in the morning the pain I usually felt was not there.

It’s now been a week and I hate to admit it but I am sleeping better, 7 to 8 hours without getting up. It did take quite a few nights to get used to the harder mattress, but there has been a pay off. I am not in as much overall pain during the day as I had been. My walking has improved and I stand straighter.

Better Sleep, fewer aches and pains, ready for the Day!

Better Sleep, fewer aches and pains, ready for the Day!

The other plus is on the harder mattress I can actually move around. It made me wonder, when we are young we buy a mattress and it usually lasts a very long time but as with anything it becomes softer. Maybe as we grow a little larger ourselves and our mattresses have become much softer over the years, our aches and pains too have grown out of this long term relationship, and maybe just maybe we would be a little less achy if we bought ourselves a new harder mattress to accomodate our changing body earlier than later. Just thinking.




until later…     betti 🙂


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