Last night my kids and I were talking about stuff in general when they started kidding me about all my NONOs’ over the years. In the 70’s I sold Tupperware for a while but I made sure I told my clients do not use plastic in the microwave even though Tupperware sold a plastic stack cooker.  I have always only used glass especially Corning Ware. Then there is the danger of cheap aluminum cookware not the stainless steel clad cookware but the light aluminum pots and pans that should be avoided. And cleaning the house, in home air pollution is a real problem, avoiding powerful household cleansers helps with air quality and more… And then now, with all the studies coming out I have been vindicated as my NONOs’  have been proven to have health and environmental negative impact. See children mother knows best : )

So I decided this morning that I would share my caveats with you. They are just my ideas from what I have learned over the years. Some are substantiated some are not.

On MY SOAPBOXMe on Soapbox

Try using green household cleaners you will be amazed how effective vinegar, hydrogen peroxide and baking soda are for cleaning. (I will be offering a free cleaning booklet with all kinds of green cleaning alternatives so look for it coming soon.)

Never use chemicals in your microwave oven. The best cleaner is plain ole white vinegar. Think of this way the way a microwave works is to speed up the molecules and move them through your food. Do you want chemical molecules in your food? I don’t think so.

Aluminum I always felt that aluminum was a soft metal and it seemed to me that it could leach into food cooked in it so I always spent a little more and bought stainless steel. No aluminum. No tin. And now studies are showing that aluminum is possibly linked to illnesses. And don’t get me started on non-stick cookware. It has always bothered me. And you would be surprised how non-stick your stainless steel is if treated properly. I try to make sure I give hints for recipes that might stick on how to treat your stainless pan to make it stick proof.

IN Home Air Quality … Since my children were little they always would ask why I kept the windows cracked a little even in the winter. The reason was that our home was “Energy Efficient” which basically means that it is close to air tight. To me that meant that all the furnishings in the house including carpets, flooring, wall material, etc. all having fumes were being held in my home for my family to breathe. So I cracked the windows to allow in fresh air. My other method to help to filter the air in my house was houseplants. Did you know that if you have enough plants you can filter 100% of the air in a closed environment over a 24 hour period. A guideline is that a six inch plant can handle 100 square feet. If your house is 1400 square feet you would want at least 14 six inch plants. The bigger the plant the more it can filter. All you have to do is keep them very healthy and alive : )

We are exposed to a so many indoor air contaminants daily. Think about it smoke, toxins, chemicals off-gassing, pesticides, detergent fumes, mold, small fibers, bacteria etc. Now while cleaning helps take care of some of it (provided you don’t use toxic chemical cleaners but opt to clean green), it cannot take care of many of the air contaminants. In a recent NASA study it was proven that “houseplants can purify and revitalize air in our homes and offices, protecting us from the negative effects of such common toxins as ammonia, formaldehyde and benzene.”

We all know from childhood that plants make oxygen, so because plants are taking in the air around them and converting it to oxygen they are also purifying that air. So if the plants are breathing it first then the air we are breathing is cleaner.

A good question is what plants are best. I did a little research and found the following plants are in the top ten:

                             TOP TEN AIR PURIFYING HOUSE PLANTS












Reed Palm

Reed Palm

English Ivy good at breaking down benzene and trichloroethylene

English Ivy good at breaking down benzene and trichloroethylene









Areca palm

Areca palm

Dwarf Date Palm

Dwarf Date Palm








Australian Sword Fern

Australian Sword Fern

Weeping Fig

Weeping Fig











Dracaema  "Janet Craig"

“Janet Craig” good at breaking down benzene, carbon monoxide and trichloroethylene

Peace Lily like the English Ivy good at breaking down benzene and trichloroethylene

Peace Lily like the English Ivy good at breaking down benzene and trichloroethylene








and finally we have the

Rubber Tree which is good at filtering a vast range of nasty chemicals like formaldehyde, ammonia, and benzene

Rubber Tree which is good at filtering a vast range of nasty chemicals like formaldehyde, ammonia, and benzene














There are other plants that make perfect interior purifiers. I like the Spider plant and the Philodendron too  for my house. Very easy to care for.   In case you need some information on caring for or potting houseplants check out this site:


once on the page, Download the University of Georgia Cooperative Extension pdf found on this site it is safe and very informative.


Anti-bacterial soaps . . . I DON’T THINK SO! Using this soap only leads to weakening your immune-system. Trust me you do not need it. Your body is amazing allow it to do its job. If you want take along a soapy paper towel in a zip lock bag for cleaning hands when out and about.
Talking about clean hands, do wash your hands more and watch out for those receipts  while doing research to confirm some of my suspicions I found out they are loaded with BPA you know that stuff they say is so dangerous it’s in the thermal ink !

Dirty Electricity – Let’s talk power lines. Here is my take if possible AVOID them. Because consider this high-voltage transients (dirty electricity) could affect our bodies on a cellular level. If you think about it, high frequency technologies (like in microwave ovens, cell phones & wi-fi ) have only been around for a short while. They’ve all become common within our own lifetime. Time has not yet tested how our bodies can process and adapt to this widespread electromagnetic exposure. To me it is somewhat scary. So I want to be smart about electronics, I appreciate the positive impact they have on my life but respect that there may be hidden dangers so to offset this I make an effort to keep them out of my sleeping area, like my bedroom and will unplug or switch off electronic devices when not in use. I keep chargers in the room least used in our house and do not use my computer in my bed room. And something else I found when I was doing research, I did not know that APPLE computers are safer from a standpoint of dirty electricity because of its lack of restricted chemicals like lead, mercury and arsenic (which many computers contain…yuck), PVC-free components, and long battery charge, Apple’s computers are far safer than their competitors. I love my electronics, I really do but I respect them too and feel it wise to use wisely.

The last thing I will mention here is that Rubella shot for infants. I feel and no one can change my mind that the live virus in the US inoculation if given too early to a child can manifest into autistic like problems for that child. For both my children I waited until they were well over 3 before getting it for them. And I was particularly cautious about allowing them around anyone pregnant until they were inoculated. Consider this the live virus shot has been banned overseas for decades because it was found to be dangerous…. check it out that’s all I am saying.

I have a really good booklet which contains recipes for homemade GREEN cleaning recipes. If you would like a copy you can request it below and I will email it to you pronto. It’s absolutely free and as always I will never share your email with anyone or any site.


as always thanks for stopping by… until later betti : )


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