Friday, the Sandbox was delivered and I have decided to put it together now rather than wait til Zachary’s birthday on the 27th just in case there are any missing parts or damage.


I opened it and checked out all the pieces and everything is in excellent shape. I was surprised!  I really thought the side pieces and the masts would be plastic but everything is real wood and everything is painted. The Pirate faces, swords and emblems on the outside are not decals but are painted. It is so much better than I could have imagined. It is exactly like the pictures. Below is the picture that was on the web site.

Kidcraft Pirate Sandboat

It’s HERE!


I put it together in about 2 hours. It  took so long because Zachary was helping me. Every bolt, screw and board went together perfectly and easy as pie. I mean really I am a 62 year old grandmother, my helper Zach is 6 going on 7, and it was no problem.

I put it partially together in my living room and then moved it outside to finish the assembly. I put together the center mast section, and the front bow and set them aside. I put together the back and sides as one unit.  I wanted the controlled conditions of my house, no bugs and air conditioning.  Worked out perfectly.

The one thing I am going to do is spray the art work on the outside with krylon spray urethane paint to make sure the paint doesn’t get damaged or fade.

I only added 10  fifty pound bags of sand but it can hold 14…

Zachary is out there playing right now… He loves it.   Happy 7th birthday Zach.

As soon as I charge up my camera I will post a picture here of the sandbox.

Thank you Kids Craft for a great Sandbox. I appreciate your attention to quality and details.

until later my dear readers .  .  .  I’m off to sea, just Zach and me   : )



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