My grandson loves to play in the sandbox at the park so we decided to have one at the house, however finding one big enough was an issue.

He is 6 going on 7 so the pre-made little ones were just too small. So the search began. Over the last weeks I have been searching, searching, searching and reading everything people were saying about the ones they had bought.

Finally I found two that meet the bill for me. I was looking at price and protection from neighborhood cats and other animals so it has to have a cover. I also was looking for seating. Take a look at the pictures and brief descriptions below. The Pirate Sandboat is pre made by Kid Craft and the Bench Seat Sandbox is available pre-made by Badger’s Baskets or you can build it yourself see the link to bench sandbox plans in  pdf   this is a link to plans from Home Depot.
Manufactured by Kidcraft

Shiver me timbers! The young swashbucklers in your life are sure to love this Sandboat’s detailed design and fun artwork. Big enough for big kids. Includes a shade cover, snap cover over the sand, two storage boxes and a bench in the back.


Made of Sanmu wood, plastic, and fabric. Pirate Flag hangs high on Shade Cover.

Kidcraft Pirate Sandboat

Fun on the open sea!

Two convenient storage compartments for keeping buckets, shovels and other sand toys together in one place
Steering wheel
Shady canopy helps keep kids in the shade and out of the hot sun
Large enough that multiple children can play at once
Sturdy construction
Colorful pirate – themed artwork
Takes up to 14 fifty pound bags of play sand

Overall Width – Side to Side: 58.7 Inches
Overall Length – Front to Back: 75.7 Inches
Overall Depth – Top to Bottom: 43.8 Inches
Overall Product Weight: 62 Pounds

Storage for toys...

Storage for toys…

Captain's Wheel.

Captain’s Wheel.



Storage for toys…


Kids love to turn stuff!





Manufactured by Badger Basket’s

Unique canopy sandbox is sure to become a favorite hangout for the neighborhood kids! It features two comfortable benches and a canopy top for shade. There’s plenty of room for several kids to dig, build, and explore together. But wait, there’s more! The benches fold flat to cover and protect the sand when play time is done! Bottomless construction helps with drainage and allows you to adjust sand depth.


Sandbox has bench seats.

Sandbox has bench seats.

Unique design covers the sand when not in use, unfolds for bench seating during play
Canopy top shades kids and sand from the hot sun
Bottomless design allows you to adjust the depth of sand to your liking
Made with heat-treated, stained cedar wood and rust-resistant hardware
Canopy top is made with waterproof polyester
Benches hold up to 200 lbs
Holds approximately 750 pounds of sand


Overall Width – Side to Side: 46.5 Inches
Overall Length – Front to Back: 57 Inches
Overall Depth – Top to Bottom: 6 Inches
Overall Product Weight: 50 Pounds

Bench seat covered sandbox.

Bench seat covered sandbox.




Open the cover becomes benches.

Closed the top protects from animals like cats and racoons.

If you want to build this bench sandbox click on this link

bench sandbox plans in  pdf   this is a link to plans from Home Depot.

All the ratings and purchaser responses I read confirmed that both these sandboxes are a good size for children older than toddler age.

I am so excited, I ordered the Pirate Sandboat from Wayfair for $199.because they had the best price and it should be here on the 30. They offered free shipping too. I will write more about it when it gets here and I put it together.


until later… betti 🙂



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